The villainous Michi Uemo

Michi Uemori (Hiroko Takahashi) was a minor villainess from "Cooking Classroom Murder Case", episodes 5.04 and 5.05 of Case Closed (airdates July 27 and August 10, 1998). She was a famous chef who specialized in French cuisine, and also taught a cooking class out of her home.

Ran Mouri attended Michi's cooking class with her father Kogoro and Conan Edogawa, having been invited by her friend Sonoko Suzuki. Soon after arriving, however, Michi's high school friend Kazue Yashiro revealed Michi as a deceitful and greedy fraud, having stolen most of the recipes she was famous for from her assistant, Yuko Komiyama, who was too timid to stand up to her callous boss.

When Michi finally arrived for the class, she quickly showed herself as a pampered and ungrateful woman, having her daughter-in-law Kaoru Umeori and Hiroaki Nishitani (a chef who Michi supported financially) check her pulse and massage her sore shoulder respectively. During the class, Michi displayed her true haughty form, throwing insults at the female members of her class (excluding Ran). Suddenly, after a power blackout, Michi collapsed and complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing, resulting in her being rushed to the hospital. The cause of Michi's pains was deduced to be being stabbed with a sewing needle, which punctured her lung. Her assailant was found by Conan to be Hiroaki, who was in love with Yuko and wanted to get revenge on Michi for getting famous by stealing her work. The conclusion of the episode's first part had Juzo Megure learning via a phone call from the hospital that Michi had succumbed to her injuries in the hospital and died.


  • In the English dub, Michi's name is translated as Misty Laraway and is voiced by Sheridan Wright.
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