Marta Trundel

The psychotic Marta Trundel

Marta Trundel (Kit Pongetti) is the main villainess of "iFind Lewbert's Lost Love", episode 3.06 of iCarly (airdate November 14, 2009). She was the former girlfriend of Lewbert, the nasty doorman of protagonist Carly Shay's apartment building. Carly and her two friends, Sam Puckett and Freddie Benson, find out about her after they take a box of old belongings of Lewbert's from his office and find among the items a DVD Marta made to commemorate their two week anniversary.

Convinced that having Marta back in his life would make the miserable Lewbert happy again, the trio contact Marta online and arrange her to surprise Lewbert with a meeting. However, Lewbert freaks out upon seeing Marta and screams at her to leave before locking himself in his office. When Carly and Sam confront Lewbert in his office, he reveals that Marta changed as their relationship continued, where she revealed that she was an obsessive and psychotic woman, causing so much stress for Lewbert that his infamous wart grew as a result. When she refused to let Lewbert end their relationship, he became so desperate to escape that he threw himself off a boat while they were on a cruise, later moving to Seattle and changing his name.

At first, Carly and her friends don't believe Lewbert's claims, but soon realize the truth about Marta when they watch her on a webcam they had previously implanted in Lewbert's office as she berates Lewbert for not wanting to go to a music show with her and forcibly giving him a haircut. Hoping to convince Marta to leave, Carly meets with her and tries to explain that she and Lewbert might not be compatible anymore. The psychotic Marta becomes irate, accusing Carly of trying to get rid of her so she could have Lewbert (to which Carly pointedly reminds her that she's fifteen). Marta then chases Carly down to the lobby (where Sam and Freddie are with Lewbert) and tries to attack her, but is stopped when Sam knocks her out with a pineapple. Later, as Marta comes to, the police arrive and Lewbert confesses to being behind a string of TV remote robberies (even though the true culprit was recurring villain Chuck) in order to escape from Marta. When he finds out his prison sentence won't be long enough to stop her, he slaps one of the officers, which earns him a six month sentence. Marta doesn't appear in any other episodes, so her official fate was left unknown.


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