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Villainous bully Lindsay Fordyce

Lindsay Fordyce (Nastassia Markiewicz) is the main villainess of the 2011 TV movie Cyberbully. She was a pampered teenager who was also a popular girl at her high school. She was also a well known bully, looking down on and insulting anyone outside of her social circle. When Taylor Hillridge, a classmate who Lindsay had a vendetta against, joins social media site Cliquesters, she soon becomes the victim of mass cyberbullying from Lindsay and her many friends. She also gets face to face insults along with her friends Samantha and Cheyenne.

After pushing Taylor to the edge with her bullying, Lindsay dealt a particularly low blow by making a video in which she wears a paper cutout of Taylor's face and dresses as a pregnant prostitute, acting out a crude scene before looking to the camera and calling Taylor "the dirtiest little whore". This proved to be the last straw, as Taylor attempted to overdose on pills, being stopped by Samantha and her mother. After Taylor's mother Kris finally learned about the bullying Taylor suffered, she went to confront Lindsay at her house. Lindsay's father answered the door, with Lindsay herself briefly appeared behind him. When Kris questioned her about her harassment of Taylor, Lindsay feigns innocence before being sent away by her father. Her father then defended his villainous daughter's bullying of Taylor by claiming it was her "constitutional right" to express her opinion online before closing the door on Kris.

Some time later, after Taylor had returned to school, she confronted Lindsay in the cafeteria, saying that her bullying actually hurt people and that she shouldn't treat people that way. Lindsay at first scoffed at Taylor, but soon her friends joined in and defended Taylor, with Cheyenne blasting Lindsay for ruining the fun of Cliquesters and Taylor's crush Scott telling Lindsay that if she felt the need to tear others down to feel better about herself, she needed to get help. Lindsay, visibly shaken, gave a quick insult to the group before running out of the room.