The villainous (but remorseful) Keisha

Keisha is the titular villainess from "Keisha's Crime", an animated short released by Internet safety website NetSmartz. Keisha was the best friend of Allie, with whom she shared a crush on their classmate Miguel Valez. Despite the girls' promise never to let their mutual attraction to Miguel affect their friendship, Keisha became jealous upon hearing Miguel tell his friend that he was growing close with a girl he met in a chat room. Keisha recognized that the girl was Allie when Miguel mentioned that her chatroom username was "ChatALot".

That night, Keisha went on the chat room and saw Allie was chatting with a person under the username "BBallstar". Keisha messaged the user and asked if he was Miguel, but he refused to give her that information. Keisha then got a message from Allie, telling her how much she enjoyed talking with "BBallstar". Keisha subtly tried to convince Allie to end the friendship by saying she didn't think he liked her that way, but Allie remained adamant that it wouldn't matter.

Blinded by envy, Keisha asked one of Miguel's classmates the next day for his email address, claiming that she had to send him notes for class. She then sent Miguel a lewd picture of Allie, having Photoshopped her face onto a pornographic image. The next day at school, Allie confronted Keisha, having found out from Miguel about the email along with the fact that he was "BBallstar". She also had recognized that the image was doctored, as she remembered the photo that Keisha had cut her face out from. Keisha tried to apologize, but by that point, her friendship with Allie was destroyed. Allie walked away after that, leaving Keisha hanging her head in shame.

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