Joyce Kinney

Vengeful reporter Joyce Kinney

Joyce Kinney, aka Joyce Chevapravatdumrong (Christine Lakin) is a minor character on the Seth McFarlane cartoon Family Guy, the main villainess of "And I'm Joyce Kinney", episode 9.09 of the series (airdate January 16, 2011) and a supporting character from the show's 10th season onwards. She was the new reporter for Quahog 5 News after previous reporter Diane Simmons was killed after committing a psychotic killing spree in "And Then There Were Fewer".

Protagonist Lois Griffin became a fan of Joyce and was star-struck when she ran into Joyce at the grocery store. The two women strike up a quick friendship and agree to go out to have dinner together. While at the restaurant, Joyce goaded Lois into confessing a deeply hidden secret of hers: She appeared in a pornographic film when she was younger. Joyce promised to keep Lois's secret, but then the evil reporter did a story revealing her secret on the show, humiliating Lois and opening her up to harassment and rejection.

Lois went to the TV station to confront Joyce, where she revealed her motivation for betraying Lois: She went to the same high school as Lois (going under her original surname) and was the victim of a cruel prank committed by Lois and her friends. Despite Lois's remorse for her actions, Joyce coldly said she wanted to see Lois suffer as retribution for what she had done. But later on, Lois gave a speech to her church (which she was banned from following the exposure of her secret past) that persuaded everyone to re-accept Lois, angering Joyce.

After the events of Season 9, Joyce Kinney becomes a normal anchorwoman, seemingly better person. However, it is unknown if she still harbored hatred for Lois.


  • Christine Lakin also voiced the evil Jessica from Mr. Pickles and made an appearance on Bones as murderer Vanessa Newcomb.
  • Joyce's original last name is a reference toward Family Guy writer Cherry Chevapravadumrong.
  • Though Joyce has made further appearances on Family Guy, "And I'm Joyce Kinney" has currently been her only villainous role of the series.


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