Ivy Valentine

Cover art for Payback

Ivy Valentine is an unseen villainess from "Payback", case #12 of Criminal Case: Pacific Bay, the 2nd season of the crime solving game Criminal Case (release date June 26, 2014). She was the wife of Chris Valentine and the mother of their daughter, Heather.

The "Additional Investigation" section of the case had the player and Amy Young investigating reports of an intense fight at the train station, with Heather being recognized on footage from a broken security camera by Hannah Choi, the Pacify Bay Police Department's Tech Expert and Hannah's girlfriend. Hannah and the player found that Heather had forgotten her bag at the local deli, with Hannah being shocked to find a restraining order against Heather from her parents inside, which barred Heather from coming near them or their house.

Heather went on to reveal that Ivy and Chris had always disapproved of Heather being a lesbian and of her relationship with Hannah, referring to the two as "degenerates". After deducing Heather had went to her parents in an attempt to change their minds, Hannah went to find Heather, bringing her back to the police station. There, Heather revealed that she had been asked by her mother to meet at the train station, with Heather having hoped her mother had come to accept her sexuality. But instead, the evil Ivy stated that she and Chris wouldn't consider her their daughter unless she broke up with Hannah and gave her the restraining order, leading to an intense argument between mother and daughter. Ivy's fate after her confrontation with Heather was not revealed.

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