Ivana Sugardaddy

Evil gold digger Ivana Sugardaddy

Ivana Sugardaddy (Valery Pappas) is the main villainess of "The Farmer Takes a Woman", episode 1.04 of Back at the Barnyard. She was the love interest of Farmer Buyer, having come to the farm to meet him after Otis and the rest of Buyer's anthropomorphic animals (the show's protagonists) set up an online dating profile for the lonely man. At first glance, Ivana was a sweet and affectionate woman who Farmer fell deeply in love with.

But Ivana's villainous nature began to emerge when she asked the farmer to renovate his barn to make into her own private pad, having the animals relegated to a cramped shed that fell apart when Pip tried to get inside. Almost all of the animals were for getting rid of Ivana, but Otis was reluctant due to not wanting to the Farmer's chance at love dashed. But at that moment, the evil Ivana walked by the animals as she talked on the phone, now in a New Jersey dialect as opposed to the foreign accent she had previously, revealing that she was a cold-hearted gold digger who was simply planning to take Farmer's money and leave him.

To get rid of Ivana, Otis had Pig disguise himself as a rich man to woe Ivana and eventually get her to go on a cruise ship with him before he ditched the boat and sent her sailing away. But over the course of the courtship, Pig found himself falling for Ivana as well. When he confessed his feelings for her along with the fact that he was just a talking pig, Ivana became furious--but notably only regarding the revelation that he wasn't rich. When Otis confronted Ivana and told her he wouldn't let her hurt Farmer, the evil Ivana called him out and claimed the animals were being cruel to her. She then gave her lover an ultimatum: Either he got rid of his animals or she would leave him. At that, Farmer picked Ivana up and threw her into her car, saying that his animals were his family. Ivana scoffed the rejection off, saying that she would just another "sucker" before telling Farmer that he had "really let his body go" (referring to the doctored photo the animals had used for his online profile) before driving away.

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