Homophobic Mother

The vicious and unnamed Homophobic Mother

The unnamed Homophobic Mother is a villainess from Benni Cinkle's music video, Can You See Me Now (released in 2011). The video featured five teenagers facing difficult situations, with the brunette woman's son being the second teen shown.

Flashbacks revealed that the callous mother kicking her son out of their house, with brief scenes revealing the reason was because of her finding out her son was gay and had a boyfriend. After tossing her son his backpack and a shirt, the villainous mother yelled at her son before storming back into the house, effectively disowning her child. The video ended with the son (along with the rest of the featured teens) being comforted by the sight of a butterfly after screaming out their frustrations, leaving the mother's fate unknown.


Benni Cinkle - Can You See Me Now

Benni Cinkle - Can You See Me Now

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