The remorseful Hit-And-Run Driver

The unnamed Hit-And-Run Driver (Minttu Rinne) is the main protagonist and remorseful villainess of Conscience, a 2017 short horror film released by JRinne Films (release date January 23, 2017). The film opened with the blonde woman struggling to write something, eventually shoving the paper aside and  going to wash her hands.

Upon looking at her reflection, the woman saw her reflection's face bloodied and with dark eyes, and she later went downstairs after hearing a noise to find someone had dropped her car keys to the floor. It was as the woman found that she was being haunted by a spirit that her full backstory was revealed: sometime prior, the woman was driving her car when she began texting, resulting in her accidentally striking and killing a woman on a bicycle. Rather than report the accident, however, the blonde turned heel and fled the scene of her crime.

After answering her phone to hear the sounds of the crash, the hit-and-run driver was confronted by the spirit of the dead cyclist, leading the blonde to try and hide under her stairs. But when she ran through the door leading to the space under the stairs, she found herself on the stretch of road where the crash took place. After seeing the deceased woman, the blonde tried to wake her up, only to be shoved down by an unseen creature before being confronted by her undead victim. But it was at that moment that the woman appeared back in her home and in the bathroom, revealing all the events to be a remorse-fueled daydream of the blonde woman. After washing off the blood that had appeared on her hands, the woman picked up her cell phone and called someone. As she did, she looked up to find her reflection was now normal; indicating that the woman was finally turning herself in to the police for the cyclist's death, presumably resulting in her off-screen arrest.



CONSCIENCE (a Horror Short Film)

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