Heather Valentine

Remorseful hacker Heather Valentine

Heather Valentine is a minor recurring character from Criminal Case: Pacific Bay who also appeared as a minor (remorseful) villainess in case #16, "Killing Time" (release date July 24, 2014). She was a fashion columnist for the Daily Dawn newspaper and the girlfriend of Hannah Choi, the tech expert for the Pacific Bay Police Department.

During the events of "Killing Time", Heather became a suspect (much to Hannah's outrage) in the murder of Vito Pioni, the Daily Dawn's editor-in-chief. As revealed by Heather during questioning, Vito was planning to run a degrading story on Hannah, which would include revealing her past connections to the Anarchist group "Inner Chaos". Heather pleaded with her boss not to run the story, but Vito callously refused and made plans to have Heather fired for (in his arrogant mind) disrespecting him.

Later on, a city-wide computer virus disrupted the entire computer system for the Inner City's Little Italy, and it was ultimately discovered that it was a virus Hannah created years prior. Hannah checked the USB drive containing the virus to see who accessed it last, with the last log revealing Heather as the hacker. Under interrogation by the player and detective Amy Young, Heather confessed to stealing Hannah's USB to use the virus, revealing that she had only intended to use the virus on Daily Dawn's network to get back at Vito. Hannah also tearfully bemoaned how her actions had hurt Hannah, believing that she would never forgive her. Heather was ultimately proven innocent in Vito's murder and the virus was deactivated, with Heather and Hannah reconciling over a romantic dinner arranged by the player and Amy.


  • "Oh, I've made a terrible mistake! When Pioni told me he wouldn't drop the article about Hannah, I got really upset. I wanted to bring him down! So I stole a computer virus from Hannah and uploaded it to the Daily Dawn network! I thought it would destroy everything and ruin Vito's life. I drank ten espressos, waiting for the virus to work. But nothing happened until today! Now I've ruined things with Hannah! I've stolen from her, I've run the risk of having her blamed for that virus...she'll never forgive me!" (Heather confessing to releasing the computer virus, as well as expressing remorse for betraying Hannah)
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