Hannah Washington

Tragic villainess Hannah Washington (prior to her transformation)

Hannah Washington (Ella Lentini) was the main (tragic) villainess of the 2015 video game Until Dawn. She was the sister of Beth and Josh Washington and was amongst the same friend group as them, harboring a crush on Mike Munroe despite him (at the time) dating Emily Davis.

In the game's opening, Hannah was shown as the victim of a cruel prank set up by her friends (namely Emily and her best friend Jessica Riley) in retaliation for her crush on Mike. The prank had Hannah being lured to Mike's room at the Washington ski lodge and being goaded by Mike into stripping while she was unknowingly recorded. After realizing what was going on, an upset Hannah ran out into the forest, with Beth following her.

After Beth found Hannah, however, the sisters were chased to a cliff by an unseen figure (later revealed as ancient wendigo Makkapitew), with the girls eventually falling off the cliff. As revealed in the game's current events, the fall killed Beth and left Hannah injured, with the trapped Hannah eventually being forced to eat Beth's body to survive. Unfortunately for Hannah, the act of cannabalism resulted in Hannah being transformed into a wendigo, with Hannah attacking her friends when Josh brought all their friends back to the lodge to pull a revenge prank on them. Throughout the game, Hannah attacked several of her former friends, with the player's actions determining whether she is successful in any killings (apart from the death of an unnamed wendigo hunter who tried to save Hannah and Beth in the game's opening).

In the game's climax, Hannah can attack Josh, with the player's actions determining if Hannah recognized him as her brother. If she doesn't, Hannah will kill Josh by crushing his skull in, but if she does, she will instead take Josh away with her, later causing him to eat the hunter's body and become a wendigo himself. Regardless of the player's choices, however, Hannah will ultimately be defeated by Mike or Sam Giddings, with one of the two setting an explosion in the cabin to kill Hannah.


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