Villainous racist Gertie

Gertie (Rachael MacFarlane) is a minor villainess from "Roger Codger", episode 1.05 of American Dad! (airdate June 5, 2005). She was a resident of Dignity Towers Retirement Home, and she encountered Roger when he came on the retirement home bus while she and the other residents were on their way to a trip in Washington D.C. (as Roger had disguised himself as an elderly woman to make his way home after Stan threw him in a dumpster after fainting). He and Gertie became instant friends and had fun as they visited the White House.

When Gertie learned of Roger's current feud with protagonist Stan Smith after he became frustrated with him for ruining his dinner with his CIA boss, Gertie encouraged Roger to call him and smack talk him, suggesting he call him a "carpet bagger". But later, as the two were talking by the Lincoln Monument about how close they were, the evil Gertie revealed her true nature by spitting at the monument and denouncing Abraham Lincoln for abolishing slavery, showing herself as a bullying racist.

Afterwards, Roger managed to call the rest of the Smith family and get them to come to D.C. as he and Gertie were browsing a recently made wing of the Smithsonian Museum dedicated to the show Dynasty. When Stan showed up with intent to kill Roger to protect his family from the CIA, who were in hot pursuit of him, Gertie attacked Stan. She also threw derogatory racial remarks at Stan, who was Caucasian. After the Smith family was chased into a closet of artefacts, Gertie ran after Stan as well, but was easily subdued by the CIA agent when he threw her into a sarcophagus that he used to barricade the door. After finally realizing that he cared about Roger and didn't want to have to kill him or give him over to the CIA, Stan came up with a plan to save him: strip Gertie of her wig before presenting her to the CIA as the alien they were searching for. Gertie was taken away and, as revealed in a Season 7 episode, was seen being contained in a tank of goo to presumably be studied.


  • "That's for freeing the slaves, you negro-loving Yankee devil!" (Gertie's racist insult to Abraham Lincoln's monument, revealing herself as a racist villainess)


  • Rachael MacFarlane (the sister of Family Guy, American Dad!, and The Cleveland Show creator Seth MacFarlane) is perhaps best known for voicing Eris, Goddess of Chaos, on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • Rachael MacFarlane also voiced the psychotic Sonja on Family Guy.
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