Villainous biker Fox

Fox (Gloria Charles; 1955-2016) was a minor villainess from the 1982 slasher film Friday the 13th Part III. She was the lone female member of a biker gang, with the two male members being Ali and Loco. She made her first appearance of the movie in a convenience store with her gang, where she and her friends harassed Vera Sanchez and Shelly Finkelstein as they were buying things for their stay at Higgins Haven, a cabin by Crystal Lake owned by the family of protagonist Chris Higgins. When Shelly threw Vera his wallet and it fell to the floor, Fox picked it up and forced Vera to say "please" and refer to her as "m'am" to get it back.

When Shelly retaliated against the gang by knocking over the their motorcycles while backing out the parking lot, Fox and her two friends followed them to Higgins Haven, with Ali and Loco planning to steal gasoline from a van and use it to set the barn on fire. Fox was initially reluctant to go through with the plan, but was easily reassured by Ali (who was implied to be her lover) before going to explore. While swinging from a rope pulley used to hoist hay, Fox was grabbed (offscreen) by Jason Voorhees and dragged into the barn. She was later found by Loco, having been impaled through the throat with a pitchfork by the undead killer.


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