Eva Hitchcock

Cover for "Ski Weekend"

Eva Hitchcock is a redeemed villainess from "Ski Weekend", book #10 of R.L. Stine's original Fear Street series (published on September 21, 1996). She was the wife of Lou Hitchcock, and the book's events introduce them allowing the book's protagonists (teenagers Ariel Munroe, Doug Mahr, Shannon Harper, and Red Porter) to take shelter at their cabin after their car broke down during a snowstorm while on their way home from a skiing trip.

However, as revealed during the book's conclusion, Eva and Lou had a hidden connection to Red: he was Eva's brother, and he had conspired with Lou to kill his and Eva's brother Jake. Their reason for doing so was revenge against him for stealing Lou and Eva's inheritance, storing his body in the nearby barn after killing him. The last part of the group's plan had Red approaching the trio of teens at the ski lodge and luring them to Lou and Eva's cabin, as he and Lou planned to frame the teens for their crime, allowing them to avoid suspicions and retrieve the money Jake stole.

Over the course of the book, however, it was suggested that Eva became wary of her husband and brother's plot, resulting in her being struck by Lou during an argument in their bedroom. In the book's climax, as Red revealed his alignment with Lou as the trio of teens (realizing that Lou was dangerous and had killed Jake) tried to escape, with Lou planning to kill them to cover their tracks. But before he could, a wholly remorseful Eva came out and proclaimed she couldn't go through with their plan, highlighting that while she hated Jake for stealing from her, it didn't give Lou the right to kill him.

Eva also revealed that she had called the police, resulting in an argument between her, Lou, and Red that gave Ariel and her friends the chance to flee. Eva also bore witness to Red and Lou cornering Ariel at the frozen lake, watching in horror as Red flew through the ice and drowned. Soon after, the police arrived and arrested Eva and Lou for their various crimes.

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