Edith Cranwrinkle

Villainous bully Edith Cranwrinkle

Edith Cranwrinkle (Larry Murphy) is the main villainess of "Art Crawl", episode 1.08 of Bob's Burgers (airdate March 20, 2011). She and her husband Harold ran the art store Reflections, where they sold art and art supplies while also providing art lessons. Her first scene of the episode consisted of her having Harold scare Bob Belcher and his children (Louise, Tina, and Gene) away from their store, saying that the "unsupervised children" would ruin the art.

Later on, Gayle (the artist sister of Bob's wife Linda) came to their restaurant to display her artwork for the week of "Art Crawl"--with Bob being shocked to find that her paintings were all of animal anuses. When the artwork began to effect business, Bob decided to take them down and replace them with paintings made by his kids. But just as he did so, Edith arrived at the restaurant with Harold, saying that she had planned to come order Bob to remove the paintings for being obscene. Outraged by Edith's arrogant assertion of authority over his restaurant, Bob decided to put the paintings back up to spite Edith, even going as far as to torment the offended woman with several of them and commission Gayle to paint even more explicit artwork.

When Bob put up one of Gayle's painting in the main window of the restaurant, Edith stood in front of the restaurant and proclaimed that Bob would not get away with defying her order. Later on, when it appeared someone had broken into the restaurant and painted underwear onto all of Gayle's paintings, Bob angrily confronted Edith at her store. When Edith denied responsibility, Bob retaliated against her by painting "anuses" on several of the paintings in the store. When Edith later had Bob arrested for defacement of property, Bob threatened to press the same charges against her and forced Linda to confess that she had altered her sister's paintings (having gotten uncomfortable with them after Bob became adamant on making them a permanent decoration). But Louise was able to appease Edith and save Bob from being arrested by using the money she'd earned from her own corrupt art-selling business to repay her for the damages. Edith would go on to make other appearances on Bob's Burgers, still maintaining her bullying and self-important personality.

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