Debra Connor

Remorseful killer Debra Connor

Debra Connor (Jane Seymour) is the villainess of "Families", episode 5.15 of Law & Order: SVU (airdate February 10, 2004). She was the wealthy (and somewhat snobbish) wife of Jason Connor and the mother of their teeange son Aiden. She was the former best friend of Susan Coyle, but when she made constant excuses for not meeting her husband Barry, Debra ended the friendship under the belief that Susan thought herself as too good for her family. But in reality, Susan and Jason were in a relationship and Jason was the father of Susan's daughter Shannon. Prior to the episode's events, Shannon died when she slipped and hit her head as Jason was telling her that he was his daughter and that Aiden, who she was dating, was her half-brother. 

Debra discovered her husband's secret life when she got a call from her bank saying that she had left her sunglasses there, when it had really been visited by Susan, using a fake ID and forgery to get access to Susan's safety deposit box. Realizing that Jason was planning to leave her for Susan, Debra cancelled Jason's plane ticket to Cuba (where he had planned to take Susan and her son Brian) before taking Jason's gun and going to confront him at his office. There, while in the parking garage, Jason confessed everything to Debra, causing her to snap and shot her husband to death. T

he SVU detectives initially believed Susan to be Jason's killer due to the gun being registered in her name, an assumption taht Debra allowed to grow when she went to the detectives regarding Susan accessing her deposit box and taking some of her jewelry. However, near the end of the episode, Aiden went to Detective Stabler and claimed that he had killed his father, having reallized that his mother was the true murderer and wanting to protect her as well as punish himself for unknowingly sleeping with his sister. Heartbroken upon watching Aiden's tearful confession, Debra came clean about her villainous deed to save Aiden, stating that she had been unable to control herself as she was murdering Jason. She then allowed the detectives to arrest her--but not before begging them to help her traumatized son.


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