Chloe Hunter

Racist manager Chloe Hunter

Chloe Hunter (Devon Odessa) is the main villainess of "True Colors", episode 3.10 of That's So Raven (airdate February 4, 2005). Chloe was the manager of Sassy, a popular mall clothing store.

When series protagonist Raven Baxter and her friend Chelsea Daniels both applied for jobs at the store, Chloe acted exceptionally perky and had the two girls perform tasks to assess their abilities. Despite Raven performing better during the evaluation than Chelsea, the latter received the position while Raven was rejected. As Raven, Chelsea, and their friend Eddie Thomas pondered how Raven could not be hired after doing so well, Raven had a vision that showed Chloe pointedly saying she didn't hire Black people, showing her true persona as a villainous bigot. After telling her friends about her vision, Eddie revealed how he'd noticed that Sassy was lacking in any employees of color.

After talking to her parents about what had happened, Raven and her friends enlisted the help of anchorwoman Yolanda Johnson to expose Chloe's racist policy. The plan began with Chelsea going into work with a hat containing a camera, as well as Raven entering the store disguised as an older man. When Chloe noticed her, the racist manager showed her prejudiced beliefs by instructing Chloe to keep a closer eye on "him", though is able to do so without explicitly revealing her motivation. When Chloe roughly interacted with the disguised Raven, she claimed she was the higher up for the store who had come to check on the establishment's quality. When she pointed out how the store didn't have decorations for Black History Month, Chloe claimed that she enthusiastically celebrated the month. When asked if she had any employees of color, Chloe again lied and said she did, using Raven's job application as "proof".

The gang further tested Chloe by having Eddie go in and apply for the job in Raven's presence. Not wanting to be revealed in front of who she believed to be her boss, Chloe allowed Eddie to submit his application. But once in private with Chelsea, the evil Chloe revealed that she planned to throw out Eddie's application once her "boss" left. When questioned by Chelsea why, Chloe explicitly revealed that she didn't hire Black people, proving Raven's vision true. With Chloe's confession on tape, Yolanda aired the store on the news, exposing the blatant case of discrimination. As a result, Chloe was fired from Sassy and the store released a public apology.


  • Chloe Hunter is similar to Miss Hendra from Smart Guy; both are the managers of clothing stores who are revealed to have racist policies regarding their store, which are ultimately exposed by the protagonists.


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