Villainous conspirators Brenda French, Abigail King, Daphne Holtzmann, and Clarissa De Lint (from left to right)

Brenda French (Gwendolyn Collins), Abigail King (Kara Swayze), Daphne Holtzmann (Mel Marginet), and Clarissa De Lint (Stefanie Austin) are the hidden (remorseful) villainesses from "Reunion", episode 1.12 of The Pinkertons (airdate February 21, 2015). The four were friends and nurses that worked at a Kentucky hospital near the site of the Battle of Big Sheep.

The battle was led by Major General Coleman Hunt, with his erratic and irrational strategy resulting in 5,000 soldiers dying. Later on, Coleman was taken to the womens' hospital with an easily treatable injury, though one that could become fatal if left untreated. Seeing their opportunity to stop Coleman from sending more soldiers to their deaths, the women conspired to kill Coleman by withholding medical attention, leading to his injury becoming fatal. Prior to the episode's events, however, Daphne told her lover Eli Frobisher about her secret and he in turn blackmailed them, with Daphne unwillingly conspiring with Eli in an effort to protect her friends' secret.

The episode began with the four girls meeting Eli in Kansas City, with Brenda giving him the $2,000 he had demanded for his silence. Later on, though, Clarissa attacked and killed Eli out of desperation to keep Eli quiet, injecting him with an overdose of morphine. When William Pinkerton and Kate Warne began investigating Eli's death, the women tried to cover their tracks by claiming they had met at a women's suffrage convention. But ultimately, the Pinkerton detectives learned about the women's connection to Eli and the Battle of Big Sheep, and initially believed Abigail to be Eli's killer after learning she habitually used morphine for her nerves. They also arrested Daphne after learning about her role in the blackmail, much to Abigail's anger.

But after learning that both Daphne and Abigail had alibis for Eli's death (with the latter's being that she had spent the night of Eli's murder with Kenji Hara), the detectives informed Clarissa and Brenda about their arrests, claiming that the two were involved in the blackmail and killed Eli for the money and would hang for their crimes. The ploy worked, with Clarissa confessing to killing Eli when faced with her arrested friends. The four then confessed to having allowed Coleman Hunt to die, with all of them agreeing that he deserved to die and that they had saved countless soldiers from dying. Clarissa was arrested for Eli's murder, but despite the others' willingness to face the consequences of allowing Coleman to die, Sheriff Lawrence Logan decided to let them walk free after deciding they had suffered enough for their actions, later deciding against having Clarissa executed in favor of a prison sentence.

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