Akane Ooba

Callous villainess Akane Ooba

Akane Ooba (Satomi Arai) was a villainess from "Mountain Witch's Cutlery", episodes 16.16 and 16.17 of Case Closed (airdates July 30 and August 6, 2007). She was a friend of hosts Raito Adachi and Fuuga Kahara, being a regular customer of their business.

The episode's events have the trio getting lost on their way to a forest retreat and taking lodging at the home of Iwae Tanaka for the night; arriving shortly after Conan Edogawa, Hiroshi Agasa, and his friends arrived at the house to take lodging after getting lost on their way to go camping. That night, Akane was found dead outside the house with her throat cut, and while Iwae was initially suspected due to Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya believing her to a mountain witch, the true killer was pinpointed by Conan as Raito.

After being cornered by Conan's evidence, Raito confessed and revealed Akane post-humously as a callous villainess. As Raito revealed, he had only been taking the hosting job to pay off a debt his parents had to her family, but after earning enough money to cover the debt, Akane turned heel by persuading his parents to take an investment that appeared on the surface to be a good deal. But soon after, as Akane predicted, the investment collapsed when the company's leader was arrested, with Akane boasting about her actions to Raito on the night of her murder, revealing that she did so to keep Raito as her "manservant" for life. Enraged and wanting to rid himself of Akane's stranglehold, Raito used a broken down obsidian rock from Iwae's fish tank to kill Akane after forcing her outside, slashing her throat with the makeshift weapon.


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