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Fembots were seductive female robots that played in the 1997 film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. The Fembots were played by Cheryl Bartel, Barbara Ann Moore, Cindy Margolis, Donna W. Scott, and Cynthia Lamontagne.  There were also several girls who appeared as stunt doubles, including Anita Hart, who should have been credited as one of the original Fembot.

The Fembots were extremely seductive and were used by Frau Farbissina to seduce Austin Powers, with intentions of killing him. They were dressed in sexually provocative outfits and fought with guns hidden in their breasts which can fire knockout gas or bullets. The look like women who have large breasts and even larger hair.

Originally Dr. Evil tests their skills on his own guards, which results in the Fembots mowing the guards down using bullets coming from the silver bras. In this sequence the girls are dressed in skimpy silver metal bikini tops that include a choker necklace, with short hot pants, white opera gloves, and white headbands that hold pack their large blonde hair.

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They then appeal to Austin wearing lacey pink lingerie style teddies with fury bra tops. They knock him out with gas coming from their pink teddies. They then drag him to bed. However, Austin manages to escape their grasp, and does an exaggerated striptease in response to their seduction, which drives them beyond their sex limit. They short circuit and their heads explode.

The Austin Powers version of the Fembots was a parody to other Fembots that were used in The Bionic Woman and other related fiction shows.


  • The Fembots bra guns and poison gas guns are similar to the killing machine bra used by Violet Kimura (Honoka Ishibashi) in the 2008 film "The Machine Girl"; the Killer with flame-throwing bra (Pauline Chan) from the 1994 Chinese comedy action film, "From Beijing with Love"; and the Killer with flame-throwing bra (Pauline Chan) from the 1994 Chinese comedy action film, "From Beijing with Love"

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