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Tami Cross (Melinda O. Fee) is a robot in the 1977 two-part episode of "Fembots in Las Vegas" for the TV series "The Bionic Woman".

Tami Cross was a second generation fembot manufactured by Carl Franklin (Michael Burns), the robot "son" of Dr. Franklin.  Tami was manufactured to be an exact copy of Rody Kyler's girlfriend Tami Cross, who was a Las Vegas showgirl.  The human Tami was replaced by a robot by Carl to gain information about the directed energy weapon which Mr. Kyler (James Olson) had developed.

Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) detected the presence of another fembot while backstage at a Las Vegas show.  Her bionic hearing detected the distinct feedback sound that she had noticed in her ealrier confrontations with Dr. Franklin's fembots.  Jaime had originally gone backstage to talk to Tami about the whereabouts of her boyfriend Rod Kyler, and she now wanted to find out why Mr. Kyler's girlfriend was a fembot.

Tami was directed by Carl to neutralize the "very dangerous" woman who had been following her.  Tami let Jaime follow her into an area devoid of witnesses backstage.  From a platform high above Jaime's head, Tami jumped down on Ms. Somers and began a fight with her.  The sound of metal striking metal can be heard as Jaime's bionic limbs collide with Tami's fully robotic body.

When Jaime realized that she could not easily defeat the fembot, she attempted to flee.  Tami followed her, until Jaime toppled a prop Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus onto her.  This resulted in Tami's  facemask had been dislodged.  Tami eventually got up and re-attached her face.

Tami ran after Jaime outside and across a street, but was struck by a car.  This collision damaged Tami to the point of inoperability, and her facemask was again dislodged.  The electronic circuitry in her abdomen was also on fire.

Tami the fembot was shown next on a stretcher at the O.S.I.  Her facemask was off and laying beside her opened head.

The Tami Cross robot was seen one more time, lying front side-down on a stretcher with her head turned away from the camera.  It is not known what happend to this fembot when Carl Franklin's base was destroyed.  It is presumed that the O.S.I. kept it for study and other purposes.

These two episodes had several other fembots that appeared including: Nancy (Jeannie Wilson); Gina (Nancy Bleier); Billie (Lorna Sands); Ellen Andrews  (Lisa Moore); Peggy Callahan  (Jennifer Darling).


  • Melinda O. Fee appeared as Fenestra in the 1966 episode "Space Circus" for the TV series "Lost in Space".


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