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Simge (Fatos Kabasakal) is the main antagonist in the Turkish fantasy comedy series “Bez Bebek”, which appeared in 101 episodes from 2007-2010.  Bez Bebek translates to “Rag Doll”.

Simge, which translates as “Symbol”, is the wicked fiancée of Hakan (Tan Sagturk).  She is a gold digger, who intends to place his small children in a boarding school, and their house keeper in a nursing home.  

Simge has a malicious daughter named Libby (Sibel Kasapoglu) who torments Hakan’s two children, Emre (Ege Tanman) and Rain “Reyhan Asena Keskinci).

Throughout the series, Simge is constantly getting humiliated in various ways.  Usually at the hands of Nana (Evrim Akin) or Kulina (Oya Aydogan).  Nana is a kindhearted rag doll, who has a wish to become human.  On her 100th birthday she was sent to the world by Kulina, who is the head manager and protector of the Toys World.  Every night Nana turns back into her doll self and has to continue this for one year, in order for it to become permanent.

Hakan has eyes on Nana, and because of this, Simge and Nana are at constant competition.  They are extremely jealous of each other.  Some of the story line is based in reality, some in toy land, and some in a time tunnel, where the characters change realities.


  • Fatma Kabasakal appeared as Samarra a mermaid in the 2009 episode of the Turkish fantasy comedy TV series "Bez Bebek".


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