Rebecca Ann Leeman (Drop Dead Gorgeous)
Rebecca Ann Leeman (Denise Richards) is a spoiled bitchy girl in the 1999 film Drop Dead Gorgeous. She goes by the nickname of Becky.

Her mother Gladys Leeman (Kirstie Alley), who is the head of the pageant organizing comittee.  Gladys has been killing other contestants so her talentless daughter can win.

In once scene, Becky and Amber (Kirsten Dunst) get in a catty fight over Amber's missing dance costume.  Lisa (Brittany Murphy) another contestant has to tear them apart.

After winning the competition, Becky is involved in a freak accident at the victory parade.  The elaborate float which was made in Mexico to save her father money, explodes killing Becky.  Therefore, Amber assumes the title.


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