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Norma (Nichole M. Hiltz) is the main antagonist in the 2008 horror film "Trailer Park of Terror", which is based on the Imperium Comics series.

Norma lives in a trailer park along with her boyfriend.  When her boyfriend is harrassed and killed by the members of the trailer park, Norma attempts to flee.  However, she is met by the Devil (Trace Adkins) who offers her a chance at revenge in exchange for her soul.  She goes back to the trailer park and slaughters every last resident with a shotgun.  When she is finished, she blows up the trailer park with her in it.  However, she is now condemned to collect souls for the devil along with her trailer park mates.

Time goes on, and Norma is now known as the Queen of the trailer park.  A school bus full of troubled high school teens and their youth group leader arrive broken down outside the park.  They seek shelter in the seemingly uninhabited park and Norma invites them in.

Soon the group realizes that the former residents are now undead monsters with Norma as their leader.  She one by one picks them off.  Norma's undead include Miss China (Micchelle Lee), the local "masseuse" who offers her "services" to the residents and truck drivers passing through.  Roach (Myk Watford), a rockabilly guitar playing drug addict.  Heayvweight Lady Larlene (Trisha Rae Stahl) who loves meat of any kind. Sgt. Stank (Ed Corbin), who is very good at making jerky.

The death scenes provided in the film are very imaginative.  In one scene she is making love to Pastor Lewis.  When he is unable to achieve an erection, Norma rips off his head.


  • Nichole M. Hiltz appeared as Ambrosia in the 2002 psychological horror film "May".
  • Nichole M. Hiltz appeared as Simone Charcot in the 2006 episode "Hypnotic" for the TV series "Smallville".


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