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Lady Nottingham (Leanne Robinson) is a villainess in the 1976 sketch, "The Misadventures of Robin Hood", which appeared in the British TV comedy series "Benny Hill".

Lady Nottingham first appears in Sherwood Forest along with her husband, the Sheriff of Nottingham (Henry McGee).  The two of them stop for a short nap, and Robin Hood (Benny Hill) and his band of misfits attempt to steal their money.  

As they are sleeping, the Sheriff stuffs a bag of loot down the cleavage of His Lady.  Robin and his sidekick (Jackie Wright) attempt to fish it out. but are caught by the Sheriff who wakes up.

Later Robin attempts to break into the Nottingham Castle.  He sees an advertisement on the wall looking for a "Strong Young Man".  It has been placed by the Lady Nottingham, and Robin decides to apply.  

Lady Nottingham uses Robin for several demeaning activities, and is caught in her bedchamber by the Sheriff.  As a result he is fired.

However, Robin then answers an advertisement for a "Refined Maiden" at the castle.  Robin goes undercover as a maiden to get the job.  Robin poisons the Sheriff and is about to take off with a chest of gold.  However, Lady Nottingham foils his plan and rips off his dress, exposing that he is a man.  The Lady does not seem to mind, in fact she gives back the chest of gold, and has sex with him.

Next we see an advertisement that says The Lady is a widow, and plans to marry Robin Hood, making him the next Sheriff of Nottingham.  


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