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Elsa (Miriama Smith) was a redeemed villainess in the 2004 TV series "Power Rangers Dino thunder".  She appeared in 38 episodes.

For much of the early part of the series, she was pretending to be Principal Randall, the head of the high school in Reefside, California where the Dino Thunder Power Rangers go to school.  However, it was later learned that Mesogog had placed her there to spy on the rangers without fear of getting caught.

Elsa is Mesogog's minion who helps him bring the dinosaurs back from extinction.

In the second half of the series, she gave herself a new look with longer hair.  When Zeltrax left Mesogog's forces, Elsa became his main general.  She continued to come up with evil plans to take down the Rangers.  However, Mesogog began to grow weary of her constant failures.

When Elsa had taken a card of a powerful monster named "Ruby Dragon" from Ethan James as Blue Ranger, she was exposed as the evil servant to Tommy, and the entire school while fighting him outside the school.

Mesogog then decided to sacrifice the evil powers which he had granted to Elsa in order to help power his transmutation cannon.  With that, she was reverted to a normal human form, with no memory of who she was as Elsa by the life-force extractor.  The loss of her powers also meant she was good again.  After that she hleped the rangers by telling them all about Mesogog and his plans which helped them in succeeding in Trent's lan.  

Elsa was then captured by Zeltrax because he wanted a hostage for his plan.  However, Tommy and Kira saved her from Zeltrax and destroyed him.  After that she went to the 2004 prom in Reefside High and danced with Anton Mercer.  She became principal again, but this time was good.


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