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Cynthia (K.C. Winkler) was a secondary antagonist in the 1979 sexploitation movie H.O.T.S.

Cythia is the best friend of Melody Ragmore (Lindsay Bloom), the leader of the Pi Sorority House.  She along with Melody, openly ridicules Teri Lynn (Pamela Jean Bryant), as she is attempting to pledge their sorority.  They mock her working-class background and tout their own superiority.  This spurs Teri into starting her own sorority that rivals the Pi Sorority.  Teri calls this new house H.O.T.S., and it is filled with "misfits" that Melody and Cynthia deem unworth of being in their house.

Througout the movie, the two sororities battle each other.  In one scene, Cynthia and her sorority sister Stephanie (Sandy Johnson) sneak into the backyard and pour hot sauce over all the food.  However, the joke is on the sabatogers, as they are stuck in a large sticker bush.

In another scene, the H.O.T.S. hire a hot air balloon operator to fly over the Pi house, and the girls drop pies on the Pi girls who are sunbathing nude on the sundeck.

Later, Melody and Cynthia along with their boyfriends went spying at the H.O.T.S. house.  Melody got mistaken for one of the H.O.T.S. girl outside, and they kidnapped her and brought her back to their van and forcefully shaved her head.  

Cythia also got humiliated, when she was locked in the backend of a van with her boyfriend, as they were having sex.  The H.O.T.S. girls have the van towed to the middle of campus and steal their clothes.  During the middle of the day, they then opened the van door and Cynthia and John (Steve Bond) came crashing out, wearing nothing but racing flags.

Finally, Cynthia and her Pi Sorority girls took on a strip football game with the H.O.T.S. girls.  At first it appeared that they would be victorious, but soon the tide turned, and the Pi girls were forced to strip naked after losing.  


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