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Cornelia Clyde is the antagonist in the comic book series "Candy".  The series ran from 1944-1950 with Police Comics with 65 single issues, and was syndicated with Quality Comics, running from 1947-1956 with 64 triple issues.

Cornelia Clyde was an attractive and popular redhead teenager who lived in a town of Hardwick.  Despite being in publication for over 12 years, Cornelia and the rest of the characters were unaged, and remained in high school during the entire publication.  Cornelia was obsessed with keeping up on the latest trends.  She was always well dressed and kept dressing in the most current fashions.

Cornelia was the rival of the main character Candy O'Connor.  She had a big opinion of herself, and came across brash and stuck up.  She was often in competition not only for prizes, positions, and awards, but also for Candy's boyfriend, Ted Dawson.

Cornelia always had some scheme in order to make Candy look bad or win the affection of Ted.  Often time her plans went awry and she was publicly humiliated in some way or fashion.  


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