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Blonde Madam (Kate Luyben) is one of the minor antagonists in the 2000 pilot episode of the TV series "Dark Angel".

In the episode, Max Guevera (Jessica Alba) is infiltrating a high scale party at a mansion. Having been spooked by someone coming into the hallway she was in, she ducks into a nearby bathroom to hide in.

The blonde woman is inside at the sink, preparing to inject herself with a needle. The following dialogue takes place:

Madam: "It's not what it looks like. I'm diabetic. Who are you?"

Max: "Bruno's girlfriend".

Madam: "Oh, yeah?"

Max: "Yeah".

Madam: "But, see, tonight wives and girlfriends aren't invited".

Max: "No?"

Madam: "No, 'cause tonight the girls are here in a more or less professional capacity. They all work for me..and you don't. Let's go".

The blonde girl walks over to Max and is about to escort her out of the bathroom.

Max: "Okay, okay. Do you ever have to do something you really don't want to do?"

Madam: "How I make my living. What's your point?"

At this, Max squares back and punches the blonde in the face so hard, that she is lifted off the ground and flies through the air and lands on the ground knocked out. Behind closed doors, Max changes into the woman's clothes and exits the door, closing it behind her. We don't see whether the blonde was tied up and struggling, but it is an interesting thought as to what she was left wearing, since the outfit left not much to the imagination in the first place. It was a tight red dress that was cut at an angle on one side to reveal black thigh high stockings.  In addition, she had a choker necklace on and was wearing black high heel boots.

Max continues down the hallway and then down the stairs to the main party. We do not see the blonde madam the rest of the episode.  We would assume that she was either stripped naked or exchanged into what Max was wearing, since Max exited wearing everything that the madam had on.  More than likely, she was left tied up, so she couldn't interfere with Max's plan.


  • Kate Luyben appeared as Nurse Nancy in the 1998 episode "Kill Switch" for the TV series "The X-Files".
  • Kate Luyben appeared as Mimi on the 1999 episode "All About Eddie" in the TV series "First Wave".
  • Kate Luyben appeared as Mary Mason in the 2012 episode "Crazy Mary" for the TV series "Femme Fatales".


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