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Babs Jensen (Martha Smith) is one of the antagonists in the 1978 film, "National Lampoon's Animal House".

Babs, whose full name was Barbara Sue Jansen, is a snobby sorority girl who is attending Faber College in the movie, which is set in 1962. She finds the Delta House fraternity repulsive. She is arrogant spoiled brat.

In one memorable scene, John "Bluto" Blutarsky (John Belushi) is sitting in the cafeteria with a bunch of the Omega's. As Bluto shoves food into his mouth, Babs says in her southern accent, "This is absolutely gross. That boy is a P.I.G. Pig". With that Bluto asks them to guess, what he is now. He continues to stuff his mouth full of food, and then smashed his cheeks together with his fists. This resulted in the food shooting all over everyone in the booth. He tells everyone he was a zit.

Later, Babs and Mandy are discussing boys on the bleachers of the football stadium. The two of them are dressed in their yellow and blue cheerleading outfits, and Bluto is under the bleachers looking up the girls skirts. Babs is in love with Greg Marmalard (James Daughton). As a result, Babs lies about Greg's girlfriend Mandy Pepperidge (Mary Louise Weller) having an affair with Otter, one of the Deltas. She does this so she can have Greg to herself. This lie leads to Greg and the rest of the Omegas beating Otter up. In addition, the college Dean, Vernon Wormer (John Vernon), has a personal vendetta against the Deltas. He organizes a campus tribunal to try the Delta House, and their chapter is revoked due to poor grades. Babs serves as the recording secretary at the tribunal.


The Deltas devise a plan and convert Flounder Dorfman's (Stephen Furst) damaged car into an armored vehicle in which they rename the "Deathmobile", and hide it inside a cake-shaped breakaway float in order to sneak into the annual Homecoming parade. Being members of the Homecoming court,

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Babs and Mandy are both dressed in matching pink dresses and pink hats. All of the sudden, the float which Babs and Mandy are riding on is shaken, and Babs begins to fall off the float. Mandy attempts to keep Babs from falling off the edge and grabs onto her clothing. However, this just strips her clothing off, and she is left lying on the ground wearing only her bra and panties with thigh high stockings supported with a garter belt. Babs runs for cover, only to have the vehicle she is hiding behind drive away. She attempts to cover herself with her white gloved hands, without any success. We learn from the end credits on the screen, that she goes on to becoming a Tour Guide at Universal Studios in Hollywood.


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