Villainous racist Hailey

Hailey Grant (Sabrina Carpenter) is a minor villainess from the 2018 film The Hate U Give (based off the 2017 Angie Thomas book of the same title). She was a student of prestigious private school Williamson Prep and the best friend of fellow student Starr Carter (the film's main protagonist).

While Hailey and Starr's friendship was a long one, Starr witnessing the death of her childhood friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer put a strain on their friendship. This is shown to be a result of Hailey's frequent racist comments, ones that Starr (who, like Khalil, is Black) becomes aware of following Khalil's death. In addition to using Khalil's death as an excuse to skip school with her other classmates, Hailey expresses a belief that the officer who killed Khalil was completely in the right and that Khalil was a drug dealer who got what he deserved, freely insulting him in Starr's presence.

Starr's increased stance against the racism among their local police is met with disapproval of Hailey, who even unfollows Starr on Tumblr after she makes a post about another case of a Black man being shot to death by the police. Hailey later confronts Starr at school, callously telling her she needed to get over Khalil's death and spurring Starr into confronting her friend on her blatant racism and hypocrisy regarding race. Hailey becomes offended at Starr for calling her racist, only to later outright say Starr was "different" than Khalil, who she claimed probably would've been killed eventually due to his work in drug dealing.

Hailey also continued her defense of Khalil's killer by saying the hair brush he was reaching for before his death "looked like a weapon", prompting Starr to grab Hailey's hair brush from her backpack and threaten her with it, doing so to confront Hailey's blatant racism. Hailey is ultimately left crying on the ground by Starr before she storms away, effectively ending their friendship.

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