Aldea is a member of the Sixth Invasion Division of the Vatlantis Empire in the animation Masō Gakuen HxH and Gravel's best friend.


1st Season 4~6,8 episodes.


Beautiful young woman with long jade green hair, deep purple eyes and large breasts.


Master Combatant: Aldia is a highly skilled combatant, one of the best of entire Atlantis. Her combat skills are so great, that she was a member of Quartum, the elite emperor guardians, for some time. During her first time spented in Lemuria she was capable of fighting the entire Amaterasu Squad at once without much effort. Overall, Aldia is comparable with Grabel.

Master Spearman: Aldia is extremely skilled with wielding her spear. During her first contact with Kizuna and Hayru she was able overcome Hayuru with ease. She also can transform all her shield into spear and manipulate with them at once.

Superhuman Speed: Aldia is incredibly fast. So much, that most of her opponent has problem to catch or hit her. She also has extremely fast reflex and reaction. During her second conflict with Amaterasu She dodged Hayuru surprising attack immediately after detection.


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