Tina LT

Callous villainess Tina

Tina (Ashlee Füss) is a villainess from the 2018 Lifetime film, Killer Under the Bed (airdate October 20, 2018). She is the resident mean girl at the high school attended by Chrissy and Kilee Yeager.

The film doesn't reveal much about Tina, other that she's wealthy and that she gets away with her actions due to the fact that her father has contributed financially to the school. Upon seeing Kilee, Tina demanded monetary payment from her in exchange for protection from nasty rumors being spread about her, and when Kilee stated that she didn't have much money, Tina instead demanded Kilee's denim jacket, which belonged to her late father. Tina later confronted Kilee and demanded the jacket, resorting to attempt to remove it when Kilee refused. Her attempt ended up tearing the sleeve, and afterwards, the evil Tina turned down the payment, while blaming the damage on Kilee's refusal to acquiesce. 

Tina left Kilee after stating that she was going to torment her, and afterwards, Kilee took out a demonic voodoo doll and placed a pin on the doll's mouth, while wishing for Tina to be seen as an ugly duckling. The magic works, and in front of the entire class, Tina's lips begin to swell, causing her to run out of the classroom in humiliation. Despite this, Tina's cruel demeanor remained, even after Kilee confronted her in the school's library and informed her that what happened was karma, as she responded by shoving Kilee to the ground and blasting her for (in her mind) turning down her offer of friendship. After discovering the doll, the villainess took it from Kilee and ran off, but later on, the doll came to life and attacked Tina with a nail file. Tina was found with various cuts on her body, while constantly repeating that it was karma, leading many to believe Tina had mutilated herself in a suicide attempt.

Tina was later shown in the same psychiatric hospital as Mandy, the last owner of the doll, and she eavesdropped on Mandy's conversation with Kilee about the doll. The film ended with the doll being held at bay with six pins and a rope hanging the doll, with Kilee following Mandy's instructions after the doll possessed Chrissy. However, the final scene showed a person entering the home and taking the doll, with the intruder being revealed as Tina, who planned to use the doll for her own evil purpose.


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