Stephanie Goodison

Villainous robber Stephanie Goodison

Stephanie Goodison (Lindy Booth) is a villainess from "Resonance," the second-ever episode of Warehouse 13 (airdate July 14, 2009). She is a secretary at Windy City Records, and the daughter of musician Eric Marsden.

Stephanie first appeared at her position as Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer visited Windy City Records to speak to Jeff Canning, who holds all of Eric's music. The duo was also investigating a series of bank robberies; all the while, Pete was taken by Stephanie, as he watched as she was on the phone spraying her perfume. However, Stephanie was revealed as one of the robbers, as she was colluding with Jed Fissel (Eric's engineer) and Jesslyn Henjik (Eric's former back-up singer and caretaker).

The trio had been using Eric's unreleased record as part of their scheme, as the song had the power to induce euphoria to anyone who listened, rendering them helpless as they committed the robberies. Stephanie's reveal came when she left her post and warned Fissel that the Secret Service were getting close, and it was on the following day that she and Jesslyn committed their next robbery, with everyone except for Myka feeling the effects of the song. After Fissel's capture, however, Pete smelled Stephanie's perfume on Myka, leading to the pair figuring out that Stephanie was one of the robbers.

Pete and Myka went to Eric's home and confronted Jesslyn, who revealed that they committed the robberies to buy back Eric's music, and it during this moment that Stephanie was revealed as Eric's daughter. With Eric dying of liver cancer, the group brought his music so he and Stephanie could bond in the time he had left. Pete and Myka took back the record, as the artifact was their main mission, though Stephanie's fate wasn't revealed.


  • Lindy Booth also played murderess Tess Larson on CSI:  NY, and later appeared as the evil Vesta on Supernatural.
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