Sarah Lucifer SPN

Possessed villainess Sarah

Sarah (Bellamy Young) was a possessed villainess from Supernatural's fifth season opener, "Sympathy for the Devil" (airdate September 10, 2009). In life, she was married to Nick, but before the episode's events, Sarah and her infant child were both murdered by an armed intruder.

In the episode, Sarah was possessed by Lucifer (who escaped Hell in the Season Four finale) and appeared to Nick, who was in his bedroom still in mourning. The villainess manipulated Nick into believing that God caused the loss of his family, while attempting to coerce him to become the Devil's next vessel. Sarah also claimed that she could help Nick get justice for his family, and that prompted Nick to agree to Lucifer possessing him.


  • Sarah was Lucifer's very first vessel in the series.
  • Bellamy Young played two Law & Order franchise villainesses: Stephanie Harker (L&O) and Monica Jarrow (LA).
  • Bellamy Young also played evil attorneys Monica West and Margaret Pollack on CSI:  Miami and Franklin & Bash, respectively.
  • Bellamy Young also played villainess Tina Moore in Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder, and also appeared on NCIS as corrupt ATF agent Melinda Stone, on Two and a Half Men as villainous femme fatale Diane, and on Castle as evil conspirator Candace Ford.
  • Bellamy Young also appeared as the evil Camazotz Woman in 2018's A Wrinkle in Time, as well as the evil Karen Pappas on Whiskey Cavalier.
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