The evil Princess Vendela

Princess Vendela (Vendela Kirsebom) is a villainess from episode 1.08 of Muppets Tonight (airdate June 30, 1996). She is the main villainess from the episode's "Pigs in Space" sketch.

Princess Vendela is the leader of a gang of space pirates who were invading the Swinetrek space ship, and upon hearing Lieutenant Craniac's warning, Miss Piggy described Vendela as being "hideous, fat, grumpy, and self-deluded," striking fear in her crew members. However, after Vendela makes her entrance, the male crew members become smitten with her stunning and sexy appearance, and it was following her entrance that the villainess ordered the crew to surrender and become her personal slaves. The crew quickly acquiesces, prompting Miss Piggy to attempt to thwart Vendela and eject her from the ship, but with the group still taken and willing to surrender, the evil Vendela simply mocked Miss Piggy and walked off with her entire crew.

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