Neena Wapasha

The villainous Neena Wapasha

Neena Wapasha (Kimberly Guerrero) is the villainess from "Miss Cheyenne," episode 3.03 of Longmire (airdate June 16, 2014).

Neena Wapasha is a former Miss Cheyenne pageant winner who was judging the current contest with Walt Longmire, who was on a case regarding the murder of Dr. Ben Mallory, as well as Ben's brother. Neena was later shown at the final scenes outside the pageant ceremony, which was won by Lilly Stillwater, and she was performing the dance ritual when she was encountered by Walt, who revealed Neena as the killer.

After winning the Miss Cheyenne pageant, Neena underwent a hernia operation, which was performed by the murdered brothers' father, Dr. Oren Mallory. During the procedure, Dr. Mallory sterilized Neena without her consent or knowledge, taking away her hopes of having children. Neena plotted revenge for years, and once she discovered that Oren was in Wyoming, the evil Neena sought out his sons and stabbed them to death. Neena stated that she committed the murders so Oren could feel the pain of losing his children; the same pain she felt when she was sterilized. When Walt encounted Neena, she had a bloody knife in her hand and it was revealed that she cut her own wrists. She also stated that she felt even emptier than before after killing Oren's sons. Walt informed Neena to tell everyone what happened to her, but she told Walt to do so before she fell into his arms, presumably fading to her death.

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