Nadine Bancroft

The villainous Nadine Bancroft

Nadine Bancroft (Sara Lindsey) is the main villainess from "Krewe," episode 3.21 of NCIS: New Orleans (airdate April 18, 2017). She is the daughter of weapons company owner Justis Bancroft.

A few years before the episode's events, Nadine and her close friend, Dr. Emma Miller, visited a shared friend of theirs, Josephine Bellacroix, during their volunteer mission to Sudan. The group was working on building a girls' school in the capital city of Khartoum, but at that moment, the Boko Haram terrorist group appeared and attacked the village and its people. The trio of women bore witness to the group's horrendous actions, and it was there that Nadine decided to mastermind a plan to smuggle guns to Sudan for the villagers.

With Bellacroix and Emma assisting her, Nadine took the guns from her father's company, and the beginning of the episode showed the villainous trio taking the guns from a train. They were later confronted by police during the heist, leading to a shootout between both sides. The women fired rubber bullets at the police, as they had no intentions of harming anyone in their mission. Bellacroix was shot non-fatally, but later on, she was shot and killed by the Boko Haram group. Nadine was encountered by NCIS twice during their investigation, with the more recent of the two resulting in Emma being found shot to death, also by Boko Haram.

Following the reveal that Bellacroix and Emma were part of the heist, and due to the connection to Bancroft, Justis was actually arrested for the heist. However, Dwayne Pride noticed that Justis was covering for someone, and that led to the revelation that Nadine was the true collaborator and mastermind of the theft and smuggling plan. Nadine was found by NCIS as a captor of the terrorists, who were looking to kill her as well, only to be rescued and taken into custody. She later confessed to the theft and revealed her true plan: sending the guns to the villagers of Sudan after seeing the horrors from the attack, which she described in detail.

Despite Sonja Percy's defense of Nadine's honorable motive for her villainous plan, Pride decided to allow Nadine to lead them to the guns. Nadine was attacked during her phone conversation involving the guns' location, only for Percy to arrive and save her, and later allow Nadine to escape. The episode ended with Nadine still on the run.

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