Werewolf Wagner

Mrs. Wagner as a villainous werewolf

Mrs. Wagner is a villainess from "Teen Wolf's Curse," the second season opener of the Teen Wolf animated series (airdate September 19, 1987). She is Scott Howard's science teacher in the episode, which had Scott being cursed by Zazu, his grandmother's nemesis.

The curse had Scott turning people into werewolves when he touches them, and when he found out about the curse, he attempted to talk Mrs. Wagner into being sent home from school early. During the conversation, Scott touches Mrs. Wagner, causing her to become a werewolf. Shortly after her werewolf transformation, Mrs. Wagner turned heel and began ransacking the school while continuously howling.

After Scott's transformation, the evil Mrs. Wagner engaged in a scuffle with Scott, before the latter escaped. The villainess left the classroom in pursuit of Scott, but once Scott was further enough away, Mrs. Wagner reverted back to her permanent human form, having no memory of brief period as a villainous werewolf.

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