Villainous bartender Melody

Melody (Maryse Ouellet Mizanin) is a minor villainess from the 2015 film, Santa's Little Helper. She is a bartender at a biker tavern where Billie sent Dax (Maryse's real-life husband, The Miz) to spread holiday cheer, as part of a test to become Santa's second-in-command. The test included Dax telling one of the bikers that he dinged one of the motorcycles, and while doing so, Dax waves at Melody, who quickly brushes him off.

Dax goes through with the process, which leads to the entire group going attacking the protagonist, while the villainess watched. During the brawl, the evil Melody approached Dax and slugged him right on his face, knocking him out cold and later laughed wickedly as she walked away. Throughout the entire scene, Melody has no dialogue.



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