The villainous Maude

Maude is the villainess from "Poultrygeist," episode 4.03 of The Real Ghostbusters (airdate September 24, 1988). She and her husband, Zeke, lived on farmland outside New York City, and in the beginning of the episode, a werechicken appeared on the night of the full moon and spooked all of the chickens in the coop.

Having heard a noise from outside, Maude left to investigate the commotion. After searching the chicken coop, Maude encountered the monstrous werechicken and was attacked. She later returned to the house and displayed glowing red eyes, right before she transformed into a werechicken herself. Maude consumed Zeke's bowl of popcorn and later continued to terrorize her husband in her form.

Maude, in her villainous werechicken form, was later shown laying an egg, which the Ghostbusters confiscated. The egg hatched and produced a werechicken which infected Egon, who became one himself. At episode's end, both Maude and Egon were cured of the werechicken affliction with chickenbane soup.


Woman to Werechicken

Woman to Werechicken

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