Lotte Davenport

The villainous Lotte Davenport, aka Eva Roderick

Lotte Davenport, aka Eva Roderick (Imogen Stubbs), is the hidden main villainess from "Shadow Show," episode 6.04 of New Tricks (airdate 6 August 2009). She is the operations manager at Pinewood Studios, which had Eva Roderick as its signature star. 

Lotte was asked about the death of producer Max Stone in 1990, as he was stabbed to death following the production of a film known as Shadow Show, which was followed by Eva's disappearance. She replied that the film was before her time, and the episode's progression saw Don Maddox, the film's director, suspected of both Stone's murder and Eva's disappearance. During Maddox's interrogation, he revealed that Stone was abusive towards his talent, especially Eva, refering to her and other actors as his property. As for the movie, it was Maddox and Eva's way of exposing Stone's abuse, as the pair (who were lovers) were re-enacting everything that Stone had said to Eva and other actors.

When DSI Sandra Pullman asked Maddox regarding Eva's fate, Maddox stated that she killed herself. Later on, Sandra and Gerry Standing tracked Maddox while he was paying off his blackmailer, only to find a surprise:  Maddox and Lotte making out, revealing themselves as a couple. This was followed by the appearance of Billy Radford, Maddox's blackmailer, who held all four hostage while pointing a shotgun at them. During the situation, Billy referred to Lotte as Eva, revealing her as actress Eva Roderick, and after Brian Lane talked Billy down, Maddox responded to questions regarding him and Lotte/Eva by confessing to killing Stone. At that moment, Eva protested Maddox's statements and revealed the truth:  she had killed Stone.

After Stone halted production of the film back then, he called Eva into his office and threatened to destroy her and force her to do things she'd be ashamed to discuss let alone put on film. Eva went into a rage over Stone's abuse and stabbed Stone to death, and afterwards, she phoned Maddox to help her cover up the murder. Eva disappeared for a while following the murder, taking odd jobs before returning to the studio in her office role and taking the name Lotte Davenport. During the reveal, Lotte/Eva spoke fondly of Maddox, stating that he was always there for her and that she was actually happy to be away from acting, after which Lotte/Eva was arrested (off-screen)

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