Lois Lane Impostor

The evil Lois Lane Impostor

The Lois Lane Impostor (Teri Hatcher) is the secondary villainess from "Madame Ex," the second season opener of Lois & Clark.

The impostor's name was never revealed; in fact, the only thing revealed about the villainess is that she was in an automobile accident that disfigured her face. She was quickly found by the evil Arianna Carlin, who paid to have her face reconstructured to look just like Lois Lane. The villainess' blonde hair was dyed brown to complete her makeover.

Under the enlistment of Arianna, the Lois Impostor publicly disgraced Superman in on-screen interviews, doing so as part of Arianna's vengeful plan against Superman and Lois regarding the death of her ex-husband, Lex Luthor. She later came face-to-face with the real Lois and kidnapped her, and also purchased a gun that Arianna used to shoot Superman with a bullet laced with kryptonite. Both villainesses escaped, but once Lois removed the bullet from Superman, the Man of Steel later apprehended Arianna and her evil Lois Impostor. Both women were later arrested.


  • Teri Hatcher also appeared in Spy Kids as the villainous Ms. Gradenko, and recurred as the evil Rhea on Supergirl.
  • Lois Lane impostor
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