The villainous Kyla

Kyla (Noemi Gonzalez) is a villainess from "Glitch," a short film released by Crypt TV (release date May 24, 2017).

The short flm has Kyla and her husband, Don, visited by Jade, who hands her a pair of VR glasses. Kyla was shown an image of a day at the beach, only for a monstrous entity in the form of a glitch to appear and startle Kyla. Don checks on Kyla and removes the glasses, only to see that Kyla's eyes have become white and display a glitchy glow. It was at that moment that Kyla suddenly kills her husband by ripping out his throat, and the video ends with Jade removing her sunglasses and revealing that she, too, is a monster.



Glitch Short Horror Film Crypt TV

Glitch Short Horror Film Crypt TV

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