Villainous werewolf Katie

Katie (Laney Kraus-Toddeo) is a villainess from The Curse of Wolfsbane, a short film released on April 29, 2016.

The film begins with Katie with her friend Lisa, as they were discussing classmates Mike and Tyler, with Katie stating that Mike was cute. Regarding Tyler, Lisa stated that she was in love with him and wanting to date him, which took Katie slightly aback. Lisa noticed Katie's reaction, but Katie brushed it off before they went their separate ways. The next day revealed that Katie had dated Tyler, as Lisa was shown in despair over what she considered a "betrayal" on Katie's part.

Lisa revealed herself as an evil witch and used wolfsbane to place a curse on Katie for revenge; all the while, Katie was doing homework at the campus and began coughing and feeling warm. With the full moon in the sky, Katie noticed that her hands became clawed and covered with fur, and she continued coughing as she completed her werewolf transformation. Katie turned heel shortly afterwards and attacked Mike during the film's final scenes, with Mike hearing growling noises before he was mauled by the villainess. The film ends with Mike screaming, followed by the evil Katie howling, leaving Katie's fate unknown.



The Curse of Wolfsbane (Short Film)

The Curse of Wolfsbane (Short Film)

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