Karis Fraser

Delusional and racist terrorist Karis Fraser

Karis Fraser (Chanelle Peloso) is the hidden villainess of "Foreign Relations," episode 4.08 of Motive (airdate July 12, 2016). She is an 18-year-old (former) college student and the younger sister of clothing designer Whitney Fraser, who raised Karis after their parents died.

Prior to the episode's events, Karis began tutoring Julian Bishop, a British national and the son of noted politician Rosemary Bishop, in computer science. When they met again, Julian revealed to his tutor that he got a 54% on his test, while Karis got a perfect score. The pair then kissed each other after Karis decided that she would hack into the college records and change Julian's test score to an A, with the latter having dared the former into doing so.

In the three weeks that passed, Julian was revealed as the leader of Christian Way (and thus the episode's main antagonist), a white supremacist terror group, which Karis willingly joined as her relationship with Julian blossomed; she also kept her villainous activities a secret from Whitney. Eventually, the aforementioned secrecy caused Whitney to go into a panic as she attempted to find Karis—with the panic leading Whitney to abduct and then accidentally kill Julian while trying to get information from him regarding her sister's whereabouts. After Whitney confessed to Angie Flynn that she was behind Julian's murder, Angie and her squad infiltrated one of four locations that Julian had leased out for the group, where Karis was unveiled as being one of the terrorists. The villainess was hacking air traffic control for Christian Way as part of Julian's master plan to bring about an unprecedented terrorist attack, with at least part of it involving hundreds of people dying in numerous aviation accidents after the system became clogged with ghost signals. After her villainous reveal, the evil Karis spouted hate speech before she was taken into custody.


  • "Of course I'm not alright! The white race is under attack; we have a duty to protect our culture!" (Karis Fraser's racist rant, confirming her allegiance to Christian Way)
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