Julia Wright

The evil Julia Wright

Julia Wright (Ever Carradine) is the main villainess from Supernatural episode 5.06, "I Believe the Children are Our Future" (airdate October 15, 2009) She is the biological mother of 11-year-old Jesse, a young boy with supernatural powers, which he has used to play elaborate practical jokes. She revealed that the boy's father is a demon, who possessed her and impregnated her. Because of this, Jesse is deemed as an Antichrist—a half human, half demon entity—and must be eliminated before he can be used by Lucifer as a powerful weapon. Sam and Dean believe that he can be spared if he's taken somewhere safe, which is what they were set to do.

However, Julia turned heel when she again became possessed by the aforementioned demon, and she went on her way to Jesse's whereabouts. After finding Jesse, the evil Julia attempted to manipulate Jesse into using his abilities for evil purposes and to eventually bring him to Lucifer, all the while harming Sam and Dean when they interrupt. Jesse uses his powers to silence the demon, allowing the brothers to exorcise him from Julia.


  • Ever Carradine also appeared on CSI as the evil Faye Minden, and later played villainess Erika on 24 and the psychotic Randi Gordon on Rizzoli & Isles.
  • Ever Carradine also played villainous conspirator Claire Lyons on Breakout Kings, as well as the villainous Jolene on Law & Order:  Criminal Intent.
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