The evil Jeannie

Jeannie (Rachel Melvin) is a villainess from the 2018 horror-comedy, Mom and Dad. She is the sister of Kendall Ryan.

Kendall rushed to the hospital to visit Jeannie, as she was pregnant and due to give birth. With her boyfriend videotaping, Jeannie gave birth to a baby girl, and she held her new daughter in her arms just as the room's TV set started showing static. The static had been driving parents murderous and insane, and right after the static appeared, Jeannie turned heel and attempted to smother her daughter to death.

The villainess gave an ominous and emotionless expression as she attempted to kill her daughter, only for the bewildered Kendall to snatch her niece from her demented sister's clutches. A nurse cut the umbilical cord, allowing Kendall to safely take away the baby, but even at that moment, the evil Jeannie slowly walked towards Kendall in her quest to kill her daughter. She was held at bay by a pair of doctors, and her fate beyond that is unknown.

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