The vengeful Jane Redding

Jane Redding (Shirley Knight) was a hidden villainess from the 2011 film, Elevator. She was introduced as one of a number of people who were stuck in an elevator inside a New York City skyscraper.

After the elevator stopped, the nine people began to get to know each other, with Jane stating that she was from Cleveland, and she was in NYC due to the fact that it was sentimental to her--she had honeymooned with her husband 40 years prior. Jane stated that her husband passed away months prior, after their son was killed in Iraq, but it was later in the film that Jane's husband was revealed as Neil Redding, a buyer of Barton Investments' bonds.

Don Handley, a mutual funds manager for the company, recognized the name, as he stated that Neil had called months prior complaining that the company had ruined his life. Jane later went on a rant agreeing with her late husband's sentiments, while revealing the truth about Neil's death to Handley and CEO Henry Barton: Neil committed suicide after losing his money on the company's junk bonds. She added that she planned on making a point during the party, and as revealed via flashbacks, Jane turned heel and paid a man to concoct a bomb that she would carry and detonate during Barton's retirement party. The maniacal villainess stated that she had set the timer, and her rants regarding Barton receiving a huge payout and the junk bonds served as a hint to Jane's vengeful heel persona.

After her rant, the evil Jane stated that she didn't count on the elevator being stuck, before she suddenly collapsed due to a heart attack. Jane's last words before her death was an admission that she had a bomb, which was found strapped to her waist.


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