Helen Werewolves on Wheels

Helen before her werewolf transformation

Helen (D.J. Anderson) was the hidden main villainess from the 1971 film Werewolves on Wheels. She was the girlfriend of Adam, the leader of a biker gang heading across the desert.

During their journey, the group comes across a church that is taken over by a Satanic cult, who drugs the gang and kidnaps Helen. The cult later performed one of their rituals with Helen as their centerpiece, and as a result, Helen turned heel and received the werewolf curse. While making love to Adam, Helen bites him on the neck, passing the werewolf curse on to him as well.

Werewolf Helen

Helen as a werewolf

As the film progresses, each of the bikers are brutally killed by Helen and Adam in their werewolf forms, with the gang unaware of the werewolves' true identities. At the film's climax, however, the evil Helen transformed into a werewolf in front of the rest of the gang, as does Adam, but shortly afterwards, Werewolf Helen is burned to death by Tarot.

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